5 Things to know before you hire a Wedding Photographer

The biggest moment of your life is just round the corner! You have been flipping through the pages of wedding magazines and picturing yourself in those perfectly picturesque, fairy tale pictures. A thought bubble in your head says, “I want the same!”

The perfect photographer will capture memories that will leave a ever-lasting taste of your fairy tale moments—behind-the-scenes details, the laughter, the anxiety, the excitement, the saath pheras, the meeting of the eyes, the giggles and the final goodbyes. But how do you find the perfect photographer?

Google? Naaaah! Here is what you do!

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Expensive doesn’t always mean good!

Don’t judge the photographer by the price tag. The expensive quotations depends on a plethora of reasons—inventory of equipments, industry experience or the only form of income. Look for consistency in the portfolios instead—is the editing consistent? How would you describe their work—light, airy and romantic or dark and moody? Is the style consistent across the gallery?

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What is your ideal style? Find it!

It is important to know what you are looking for. Is candid your style or do you prefer the traditional art of photography? What is the essence that you want—light and chirpy or dark and intense? Your photographs should speak of your taste, preference and style. The key word is YOU!

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Don’t judge a book by its cover!

After shortlisting photographers go through the complete wedding sets. You don’t need 10 masterpieces but an album that tells the tale for a lifetime. Analysing the quality across the complete set is essential. It gives you a better understanding of the art of storytelling through pictures.