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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

We are two hearts but with one desire

“In jest our friends call us Bittoo and Shruti!! Because our life story is a lot similar to Band Baja Baarat's movie plot. Sarang and I used to work for a reputated Wedding planning firm where it all started. When I first met him I never thought we will be even friends since we were completely different. If he was organised I was all about mess, he was cautious I was impulsive, he was home chill I was social, He had nothing to do with dance or art and I was an artist . But despite all the differences every cell of my body wished him to stay as time passed.

Our differences became our strength in work.Last year we launched our own wedding planning firm 'La Boutique Events' and then there was no looking back. It was magical to meet different couples and craft their dream wedding. Honestly I feel weird to be on the other side this time.

But it's his smile that can fix anything for me. Literally falling for him wasn't falling at all, it was like walking into a house and suddenly knowing you are HOME!” Vani


“When it was about finalising the photographer I very well knew I wanted George on board! Being a wedding planner I have seen his work up close many times. This guy gives you natural, honest yet poetic pictures.

When it came to our pre wedding shoot I was clear I wanted no fancy gowns and flying sarees but to get some real content which I can cherish all my life. 
Best part is George gives vision to your ideas . I was keen on “Hills” as hills have my heart and other was 90’s indie pop music aura. The impact of that decade is so deep rooted within us. 

We finalised old Manali. To find the best locations don’t hesitate talking to local people because that’s how we got our first spot. The infamous October movie bridge shot. The whole team trekked for 2 hr to reach the spot but then it was worth the shot. Luck favoured us as there was heavy snow fall at the midnight and George captured it beautifully. Hats off to the team to work in such extreme conditions. My visual artistry team is so passionate about their work but also make you feel so comfortable that your pre wedding shoot is nothing but in the end a fun trip with friends”